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 Nov 25, 2008 - 08:53 AM - by Michael
* Light Week

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Personal Stuff/Random News
Enjoy your turkey day holiday, folks - this week will be light on updates.

For those who were worried about their homebrew channel (Quake on Wii is awesome, btw), there's a new version of the hack to get it into the Wii especially for Big N's big bad "version 3.4" downgrade.

In other news... food, food, food. Two turkeys and a ham in the fridge waiting to be cooked up, lots of people coming over, and plenty of cleaning to do in GU HQ to get ready. Big smoker grill that will have to be stoked for 5+ hours, and a turkey inside routinely basted and injected with herbs & spices (not Sanders' blend, I can do far better than that). Ham to feature cloves, pineapple, and brown sugar glaze. Gravy to feature giblets, chopped mushrooms, and oh-so-yummy turkey drippings.

Guests to feature very full bellies.

Over the weekend: Spyro, Call of Duty, and Megaman 9.

See you Monday and enjoy the holiday.

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