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 Nov 19, 2008 - 09:58 AM - by Michael
* Chainless Bikes

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Personal Stuff/Random News
Trek are trying to kick out models of chainless bicycles; I'll believe it when I see it.

Especially this part:

Aside from the whisper-quiet ride, the lighter and longer-lasting carbon-fiber composite belts won't rust, can't be cut, won't stretch or slip and won't leave grease marks around your ankles. A guard over the belt-drive and the construction of the system makes getting your pants stuck an unlikely scenario, Bjorling said.

Uhm... chain guards are old tech. You don't want to get your pants stuck, you can buy one for your existing bike, easily. Bicycle chains are also pretty darn quiet, the rattles and other noises are more often the frame and wheels themselves.

"Won't Rust", sure. "Can't be cut" - I doubt that very much. "Won't stretch or slip" - so it ignores the basic laws of thermodynamics? Won't resize with heating and cooling? "Won't leave grease marks around your ankles" - bicycles NOW don't do that.

This is a joke, right? They're trying to sell these by badmouthing the product they've made for decades, as in "weren't you suckers for buying from US!"

Someone needs to send Trek a memo: cut it out.

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