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 Oct 17, 2008 - 09:08 AM - by Michael
* Embarassed?

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Personal Stuff/Random News
MTV asks if anyone who pirates games is actually embarassed that they do. The answer seems to be a pretty resounding no... unsurprising given the anti-DRM portion of the industry and the relative (presumptive) age of pirates, and also unsurprising that there's no "pride" in being legit.

But what?s keeping all those gamers out there who don?t pirate their games from standing up and saying they pay for what they play? From making not being a pirate a point of pride?

Where are the gamers calling out their peers if they sense those peers are going to pirate games ? the way that reader of this site called me out when he thought I might buy the wrong batteries?
It'd be a lot easier, pal, if "pride" didn't get you a PC infested with the "DRM" viruses all these companies push.

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