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 Jun 04, 2008 - 08:28 AM - by Michael
* This DVD will Self-Destruct

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Personal Stuff/Random News
Please don't buy these. REALLY. They were bad enough as DivX and we all hoped the idea was dead.

Flexplay's patented disc adhesive reacts to oxygen when the DVD's package is opened, beginning a slow chemical reaction that renders the disc unreadable in 48 hours.


But like I said, we've done this dance before. It was in 1998 that a bunch of retailers offered us DIVX (no relation to the video codec), a -- wait for it -- self-destructing DVD format for renting movies, with a 48-hour viewing window.
Please don't buy these. Go with Netflix or just rent and return; either will actually cost you less, and you're not making more trash in the process.

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