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 Sep 24, 2007 - 08:31 AM - by Michael
* Another Resident Evil Movie

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Personal Stuff/Random News
So I saw Resident Evil: Extinction this weekend. Also known as "Resident Evil Meets Mad Max For No Good Reason."

There are so many bizarre things, wrong things, badly done things about this movie it's not even funny. Seriously. Apparently, the T-Virus has caused a worldwide drought... how a virus causes lakes to dry up (and where all the water would go on a worldwide scale), I don't get. Yes, it could kill a whole lot of plant and animal matter, but that's about the extent of what it could do.

The whole "traveling convoy" thing... okay. Sure. The guy trying to hide that he's been bitten? Predictable. We had the same stuff in the last two movies.

The massive flock of zombie crows? Someone's seen Hitchcock's The Birds one too many times and did a cheesy ripoff scene from it.

The final fight between "The Nemesis" and Alice? Given the action fights that were in RE2, this was a sad letdown, completely anticlimactic - and of course, the plot point from the end of RE2 was completely abandoned, in favor of her just hiding in the desert for years. No sign or word on what happened to the little girl with the "perfected" T-virus from RE2 either.

The whole movie wasn't even really a movie; more like a set of short clips from what might, in script form, have made a nice TV-series or even a couple of movies. Despite liking the first movie, and being able to put up with the second, this felt entirely half-assed; like the director and writer had had a real third movie scripted, Capcom and the studio axed it, and they wrote this piece of nonsense as a protest.

Skip it and rent when it gets to video, you're not missing anything.

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