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 May 14, 2007 - 03:28 PM - by Michael
* Too many status lights?

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Personal Stuff/Random News
Computerworld posits that perhaps electronics designers should start hiding their LEDs better:

Worse, my PC, a Dell XPS system, features a decorative blue light in the front bright enough to actually read by. Dell's XPS gaming laptops cast the most hideous red lights through vents, which you can dim but not turn off. Clearly, the vendor thinks bright, decorative lights are cool. You know what would be cool? Hire a case designer with good taste. That would be cool.

It's only a matter of time before Apple produces a TV ad showing the guy who says, "Hi, I'm a PC" covered in Christmas lights.
My power supply currently in my PC case has blue LEDs in it. It was one of those "gamer" marketed ones, for people with a plexiglass see-through case.

It's annoying as heck to leave on, because it WILL light up a room. And that's just the light shining out the back, because my case is solid metal.

I went through my bedroom one time, putting black tape over every LED. It was amazing how dark I got the bedroom, leaving only the alarm clock to glow away (and it uses a pretty dim red glow).

But I used up a good 10 feet of black tape doing it.

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