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 May 14, 2007 - 09:30 AM - by Michael
* Botnet Wars

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Personal Stuff/Random News
In the world of botnets, the criminals are now engaging in turf wars:

Leading AV researchers at Kaspersky have now identified three criminal gangs which are participating in an increasingly desperate battle of the botnets. This turf war is, as all turf wars have a habit of doing, turning nasty and it is the average computer who is getting caught ion the crossfire. No longer are the gangs happy to settle for a slice of the spam pie, they want it all. And that means control over as many compromised third party computers to create the biggest of mega zombie botnets. To accomplish this, the gangs behind the Bagle, Warezov and Zhelatin worms are turning their attention to ridding those compromised computers of rival gang malware infections in order to install their own and gain that control.
Be careful what you get into, maintain a good firewall, and keep your patches up to date.

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